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Newborn Perfection!

   Meet sweet baby Miles. He's perfect, no one can argue that, especially me... and maybe his mama :)  Even the most perfect newborns can have skin that needs a little touch up. 
   So many of my mamas comment on how they're worried about their newborn's flaky skin, baby acne, or splotchiness. Let me tell you... I've yet to meet a newborn with the ideal creamy, dreamy skin. Miles' skin is actually a little better than most. 
   The point of this post is to show my future clients that there's no need to fret if your newbie's skin has a few little issues. It's perfectly normal and these little blemishes are quite fixable. With that being said, I have had parents who wish to have their baby's skin left untouched... If that's what you want, I'm more than happy to edit your images that way. I just want my photos to show how gorgeous and truly beautiful these little blessings are... sometimes tiny imperfections can be a distraction from that. 


Kate Fisher {newborns}

I am so excited to announce that I'm going to be opening a new division of KFP! As you know I've been focusing strictly on the wedding scene for a while now. However, over the last few years I've done LOTS of brand newbies... and let me tell ya, they just melt my heart. SO, when I open my new studio this month I will be catering to newborns 4 weeks and under. 
Don't panic, I'm still doing weddings/engagements... If you read my earlier post you know that I'm cutting way back and only doing two weddings per month from here on out. This will allow me to work with my newborns and their mamas and daddies. 
This will NOT be cheapo, generic, typical JCP (no offence) newborn photography. This is custom portraiture. It is especially designed for discerning parents who love photography and want to have this very short time in their newborn's life captured and turned into art. 
If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, I will be doing a month long Grand Opening Special. I will have all the details coming soon along with my new site launch!


Takin' it down a notch in 2012

I've been going full speed ahead for a few years now during wedding season and I'm about to take it down a notch. For 2012 I will only be booking TWO weddings per month. I'm used to having weddings every weekend and absolutely LOOOOVE it!
I'm excited to make this change so I can give my couples even more one-on-one attention. I'm proud to say that I really and truly care a lot about my brides and grooms... it's SO not just about the money for me... not even close actually. 
This will also give me a chance to spend more time with my sweet Bobby and my little ones; Ava, Eli, and baby Fox. 
SO, my message to you 2012 couples is to not wait too long to book... these dates go fast and you don't want to be the ones who get stuck with the "leftovers." 

xoxo Cassie


September 2011 babies anyone?

I've got a great idea brewing with a fellow photog friend of mine... I'm looking for parents who arev expecting a baby in the month of Sept. I will do one boy and one girl session absolutely FREE to the first to sign up.

Session will be in my studio.  The session fee will be waived as long as mommy & daddy give me the "ok" to display some of their sweetie's photos in my studio and on my site. Parents will be under no obligation to purchase prints or products.

Sounds pretty easy, right?! All you have to do is shoot me an email or send me a text. Cassie@KateFisherPhoto.com or text me at 304.360.3989

I've got lots of new super precious baby things I can't wait to try out!!! Keep a look out to see the finished product in October... I'm pretty positive it'll melt your heart!


A Little Love For My Winter Brides

Everyone knows that warm weather weddings are gorgeous, but I have to admit that I absolutely adore winter weddings! SO, I'm offering a special gift for my couples this coming winter season! You can receive $100 off ANY Collection if you book during the months of December, January or February! Also if you mention this post you'll receive an extra $25 credit towards an album or the famous flash drive!

Offer valid from 12/11-2/12 only.


Rayanne + Zak

*Do not copy. All images copyright Kate Fisher Photogoraphy
I had never been to Weirton, WV so I didn’t know quite what to expect… after my navigation (who I’ve lovingly named Philip) took me to the middle of nowhere it was time to break out the atlas. We finally arrived at the beautiful Williams Country Club for the wedding rehearsal. Let me tell you, this place had a gorgeous view. I was greeted by the sweetest family and FINALLY introduced to my couple, Rayanne and Zak. I learned a lot about both sides of the family, my bride and groom as well as the wedding party that evening so I knew I was in for a great wedding day… Great people make my job fabulous!
To say it was hot was the understatement of the year, and even though the ceremony had to be moved indoors it didn’t dampen any moods. Everyone was in such good spirits while they piled into the new ceremony space. As I tell all my brides, SOMETHING WILL GO “WRONG,” but no worries because at the end of the day you’ll be married and everything else will work itself out. This situation proved that theory to be true. Not only were they just as married as they would’ve been had their ceremony been outdoors, I’m pretty sure the guests were thrilled to be in the ac.
Rayanne was definitely my kind of girl! She wanted to take as many photos in as many places around the grounds as we could. Zak did as any sweet husband would and did whatever would make his new wife happy... He was a good sport to say the least. I got about an hour with the couple alone after doing all the family and wedding party shots and it was wonderful!

The night ended with some great dancing, sweet moments and the most insane cake smash I’ve ever seen. You should've seen the "you're about to get it" look on Zak's face right before... too funny! I drove over eight hours round trip to be able to shoot for Rayanne and Zak but would’ve driven twice that much to be able to work with such an amazing couple!


It's time to VOTE!

Well it's April 1st (and dangit, I forgot to fool someone!) The entries are all in and we've got 33 absolutely GORGEOUS couples entered in Kate Fisher Photography's "2011 Cutest Couple Contest."

So check out our Facebook fan page and vote for the couple you think should win a free session and lots of goodies! All ya have to do is "like" our page then type "VOTE" in a comment under your favorite couple's photo... everyone may vote one time. Votes will be counted throughout the month of April.

Good luck to all who entered!



Well it's springtime! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and LOVE, sweet love, is in the air! Okay, do you have warm fuzzies yet? All of you know I'm a sucker for all the mushy stuff and a (tragically) hopeless romantic... SO, what better way to start this gorgeous season than with a contest for all you sweethearts out there!?! 

Here is your chance to get an awesome FREE pro photo shoot of you and your honey during one of the most beautiful times of year... and all ya have to do to enter is send me a photo! Check out the details below let's get started!!!

  • Take a new photo of you and your significant other or submit a recent photo
  • I will take submissions until the first of April
  • Send your photo to me via email at, Cassie@KateFisherPhoto.com I will then post them to a Cutest Couple Contest Album on my Facebook fan page.
  • Include the names of the people in the photo in your email.
  • Join my Facebook fan page by clicking on the link here: facebook fan page
  • Send your friends, family members, co-workers, everyone to join my facebook fan page and vote for their favorite photo (yours of course!)
  • Vote by commenting on the submitted photo and include “vote” in your comment
  • The contest will run April 1 though  April 30.  I will announce the winner on May first.  The winner is based on the total number of votes for each entered image.  Votes are counted as comments on the entered photo.  You must comment on the photo and include the word "vote" in your comments.
  • We must have at least ten entries
  • You must be a fan of my facebook fan page in order to vote.
  • One entry per person.
  • One vote per person.
  • Submitted photos must be of a COUPLE ages high school or older.
  • Photos taken by a professional photographer will not be accepted, amateur photos only!
The Prize
The winner will receive a couples portrait session.  The photo shoot includes a location shoot in the Huntington, WV area, a photo CD with 10 high res. images with copyright release, online viewing and ordering of photos.  Also if you are getting married and book KFP for your wedding photography you will receive $100 credit toward your Collection!
Good Luck Love Birds!


Our New Addition!

Well it's my first week of work after returning from maternity leave and I just couldn't wait to write about my precious brand new baby boy. His name is Fox Madden and he is an absolute joy! Sure, the fact that I don't sleep anymore... EVER is going to take some getting used to and I expect to be doing most of my edit work with a baby on my lap for a little, but what a blessing! 

He was born on 1.31.11 weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 1oz and 18.5 inches long.  I'm absolutely and undeniably in love with this little boy! 

If you're getting ready to have a new addition  to your family and would like some adorable photos to plaster your walls with, just let me know... I truly LOVE newborn shoots ;) 


5-10 days NEW!

Newborn photo sessions are an absolute joy! Oh my goodness, it gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it! If you don't already know, I offer FREE sessions to babies four weeks and under... it's a pretty awesome deal if I do say so myself. 

As a mama to two little ones, I know how monumental a new baby in the family is. Every family NEEDS to have beautiful photos of their baby while the little precious is still brand new.  It's astonishing how quickly the newborn "look" fades. Of course they'll stay tiny for a while, but if you don't capture the first days of your new addition I can promise that you'll regret it. I get a lot of questions from new parents about this session... so here are a few FAQs that may be helpful if you or someone you know will be bringing a new little angel home with you soon. 

Q: What's the best time to do them?  
A:The ideal time frame is between 5-10 days new.  Why?  Well, because when they're that small they are so very drowsy and sleep like a log most of the time... which lets us place them in all of those amazing little positions that you can ONLY do with a brand new baby. 

Q: But I'm not supposed to take baby out in public for six weeks.
A: My studio is safe, clean and prepped for baby.  I have all necessary props along with extra blankets and heaters. There are several steps I go through to assure the studio is safe and comfortable for baby.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Newborn sessions can take up to three hours.  I allow plenty of time for feeding and comforting... I will not rush baby. 

Q: She/he has so many adorable little outfits... how should I dress my baby?  
A: Naked babies photos are the best! No need to worry about clothes. This gives me the opportunity to capture all of baby's sweet little features. 

Q: When should I book a session? I don't know exactly when I'll deliver. 
A: I always recommend calling me and giving me a heads up on your due date so I can be waiting  for you.  If you want to call me from the hospital to set up a time or wait until your first or second day home, that's great!  

Q: It's such short notice, what if you're already booked?
A: No worries! I don't care how busy I am... I will find a way to make time for my 10 days and under babies no matter what! 

So, now that that's all cleared up what are you waiting for! If you're pregnant, call or email me!  If you have a friend who's expecting or recently delivered, give them my info.  Maybe you just ask the girl ahead of you in the checkout line if she's having a boy or a girl... Tell her too! Most new mamas don't realize that they can have a professional and unique photo session for FREE! 

Just remember... 4 weeks and under are free, but if you want the absolute most adorable photos possible you should do the session between 5-10 days NEW! 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17


Ashley & Jeremy at Creekside Resort and Spa

I had the honor of making the four hour trip to Creekside Resort & Spa in Greenville, WV to shoot Ashley & Jeremy’s wedding…. And wow, was it worth the trip!

When I arrived I was greeted (with hugs) by the sweetest family ever! They were always laughing, dancing, and hugging… totally my kind of people! Ashley and Jeremy were such a gorgeous couple… you can tell when two people are truly “right” for each other, and these two were. The entire family was so laid back and having such a wonderful time… it made me happy just being around them!
The resort was in the most beautiful country setting with several adorable cottages scattered throughout the grounds. There was a creek that calmly flowed behind the ceremony site which made it so serene and peaceful. The reception was just up the hill in the main lodge where the room was filled with elegant blue hydrangeas. The staff was amazing! They were all so friendly and willing to help and the food was to die for!
Everything about this wedding was perfect… from the kind people, the lovely venue, the joyful atmosphere, the sunny weather… everything! It was such a wonderful experience from beginning to end! So I'm sending out a very special thank you to the new Mr. & Mrs.!
Here's to love, happiness, summertime road trips and gorgeous wedding photos!


Love + Style = Cassie the happy photographer

word of the day... "StylatudeA fashion style with attitude and purpose above and beyond average."

We are right in the midst of wedding season... and wow, you guys are awesome! Long gone are the days of the "typical" wedding. I have been up to my eyeballs in style.  

So you're wondering what exactly I mean? Well, allow me to explain ;)  It can be something as simple as my brides having killer heels under that gorgeous gown.  It is the color combinations you all are coming up with... sometimes I'm just floored by the way it all comes together!  My couples are also getting so much more daring and creative with their shoots.  They find the coolest ways to really make their photos unique and personal. Of course a lot of it has to do with the photographer, but the majority has to do with how much of your personal style you bring to the table.  Clothes, accessories and location suggestions really play a huge role in your photos turning out amazing! 

I have weddings every week and I have no idea how I keep meeting these amazing people and getting the opportunity to shoot in such gorgeous locations! I have GOT to have the coolest clients in the world... hands down.  So you're thinking, "Yeah  Cass, that's great and all, BUT I don't have a massive budget to get the best of the best… I’m a total DIY bride.”  This is when I chime in and say… fabulous! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your wedding a one-of-a-kind wedding.  The same goes for your other sessions.  I did a bridal session today and she was so stinkin’ cute it was ridiculous! She knew who she was and knew the way she wanted her photos to feel.  She brought a parasol, lace gloves, cowboy boots and a fabulous Kentucky Derby-ish hat and she rocked her session!  Of course she didn’t wear them all at once… They are the most adorable and stylish photos… simply because that was her style and when you find a way to really show off who you are, you WILL end up with amazing photographs.

You don’t have to have the most expensive gown, the most sought after venue, or the fanciest reception… just find a way to make it yours and it will be phenomenal.

Need a little help?  Don’t want your photos to look cookie-cutter?  I’m here to help!  We can sit down together and chat about all the little details and figure out a game plan on how to get you exactly what you have in mind. 

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times… You don’t want your photos to look like everyone else’s any more than I want to take them like everyone else. 


2009 Couple of the Year!

Every couple I meet is unique and each has their own story to tell. I have NEVER met two couples alike.  This year I met Matthew and Kimberly and something about them was just extra precious... 

Matthew & Kimberly:

We’re so excited to be named couple of the year!

We are two strangers who fell in love and got married in October of 2009.

We met in May of 2008 through our jobs in the news business, working as reporters for a small TV station in Hazard, Kentucky. We went from strangers, to acquaintances, from friends to inseparable. Through our many adventures in trying to keep small town life exciting, we both realized we couldn’t live the rest of our lives without each other.

We really enjoyed working with Cassie. She took beautiful photographs of our special day and we feel she captured what made that day so wonderful.


2010 WKEE Bridal Expo! 01.10.2010

I'm SO excited I can hardly stand it! I've been waiting for this for MONTHS! It's the annual WKEE Bridal Expo on January 10th, from 12-5 at the Big Sandy Super Store Arena.  It's going to showcase all the areas best vendors (eh hmm, clears thoat) like yours truly ;-) hehe.

There will be a fashion show, giveaways, and even a "Groom Room." That leaves your fiance NO excuses.  If you're getting married in 2010 you really don't want to miss this show.  I always recommend that couples do their homework on wedding vendors so this is a perfect way to do it since they'll all be in one place at the same time!

Be sure and stop by the Kate Fisher Photography booth and introduce yourself! I'll be having a couple awesome give aways and ya can't win if ya don't show! 


The "Something Blue" Collection

I got married a few weeks ago (YAY!) so I know how hard it is to find scustom items for your wedding that suit your taste... and if you do it's like a gazillion bucks! 

You girls are going to LOVE this! It's new and it's called "The Something Blue Collection."  It's all custom and handmade to coordinate with your wedding colors!  It consists of two garters, (one to keep and one to toss.) Your keepsake garter has an adorable engagement ring charm and they all come with a blue ribbon sewn on the inside... there's your something blue! Next is the ring bearer pillow. It's absolutely perfect! It couldn't be any more different from those generic and tacky pillows you've seen and cringed at.  Lastly is the flower girl cone... it's the new basket!  It's adorable and you'd laugh if you knew all the uses we found for it after the wedding ;)  

I paid $40 for my garter set that I used a couple weeks ago... I won't even go into how much I paid for the ring bearer pillow and flower girl cone... THIS is why I'm kicking myself now!  You can get the ENTIRE set ( two customized garters, the ring bearer pillow and the matching flower girl cone) for only $65.00.  I KNOW, RIGHT?! You can also order them separately.

SO, if you're the kind of bride who isn't satisfied with dime-a-dozen/mass produced keepsake items for your wedding... this is a perfect way to get custom, one of a kind items at an insanely good price. 

Send me an email to Cassie@KateFisherPhoto.com when you're ready to order your set and I'll get the details from you. You could also go to the client section of my site and order from the product list. HAPPY PLANNING TO ALL!


2010 Weddings...

Well it's December... that means that it's no longer wedding season, but boy is it EVER engagement season!  So this is a little message to all you binder toting, list making, on your game brides. Yeah you, you probably even have TheKnot.com as your homepage don't ya? This is my word to the wise... Do NOT wait to book your photographer!  You would be amazed at how quickly dates will be gone.  

I'm not telling you to rush.  Choosing your wedding photog is a HUGE decision so you should definitely do your homework, ask tons of questions and have a face-to-face consult if possible.  So, take your time, but be aware that there ARE other brides in your area who are researching the same thing for the same wedding day as you.  

Memories fade and your photos will be all you have to help you remember what is most likely the biggest day of your life.  You don't want to be that couple who gets stuck with the leftover photographer with their no-talent/cookie-cutter/ boring lack of style. 

Feel free to call/email me if you'd like a consult... I've always got room at my desk for your Wedding Planning Organizer ;) 


Boudoir-FREE for the brave!

The definition of Boudoir Photography is as varied as the women interested in in it. Clients have the choice of being fully clothed or taking it right down to your skivvies!  You also get to choose the "mood" for your session... whether it be pin-up, vintage or high fashion style is totally up to you!

Scared?  Don't be! For those of you interested in this exciting option, your session will be done in a private, comfortable, relaxing and fun environment.   You will also receive a consultation with your session so we can discuss the details prior to your session. 

I would love to have a model who is willing to share her photos as examples to other women interested in having a Boudoir session.  If you're interested in modeling you'll receive a free session PLUS a CD full of your edited images with copyright release... that's a $300.00 value girls!  Send emails to Cassie@KateFisherPhoto.com


FREE sessions for newborns!

To all you new mommies and daddies out there, we want to congratulate you in a special way! If you have your baby photographed within the first three weeks of his or her birth I will waive you session fee! This means your precious new addition's very first photo shoot will be absolutely FREE, a $100.00 value! Your only charge will be if you decide to purchase prints, which you are under no obligation to do.

So, if you or someone you know is expecting a baby please feel free to contact me about a free session. Remember, this is only for babies up to three weeks old. They lose that "brand new" look very quickly so it's important to capture it while it lasts.

We can't wait to see those sweet little faces!


If I could go back in time to when I was 15 years old and tell myself that I was not only going to have a photography business but also have a studio in downtown Huntington my younger self would be in total amazement! I know there are so many people out there who hate their jobs... I don't know what I did to end up with everything I ever wanted but I'm SO not complaining... ever!

I'm getting ready to start redecorating a studio in Huntington and hope to have it ready by the first of the year. Hopefully I'll have it ready before then so I can offer some Christmas sessions... not sure if that will happen though. For those of you who don't know, I'm going to be on the other side of the camera on 12.12.09 because I'll be marrying my best friend. What an awesome year this is!

I'll post photos of the studio's transformation as it happens. We'll also be having a really special Grand Opening, so be sure and "stay tuned" to see what we have in store!



Want a Free Name Design?

Of course you do, they're awesome! Send me an email telling me a special story about your family. It can be about your kids, your wedding, or your huge crazy family. It can be funny, inspirational or heartwarming. Or maybe you know someone who you think deserves a little something special... tell me about them. I will chose one entry to publish on the blog and that person will receive a free custom 10x20 name design!

Ok, get to typing... email your entry to Cassie@KateFisherPhoto.com